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Originally Posted by microstrip View Post
The unavoidable question : did you listen to this system?
Originally Posted by Elberoth View Post
No, I didn't. Next year I should come for full two or three days instead of just one.
I spent quite a bit of time listening to Dan's setup, and while I'm not really into the sound of Sonus Faber, I have to admit the S.F. Aida/D.D. Momentum combo was pretty amazing - huge life-like/holographic soundstage coupled with detailed & richly textured sound.

Unfortunately, Dan's preamp didn't make the show, but interestingly, he did tell me that he has added tone controls to his soon-to-be launched preamp.

In addition, since Dan did not get to launch his new preamp at this year's Munich High End 2012 show, there was some chatter that Dan might just consider officially launching his preamp at the upcoming "Hong Kong High-End AV Show 2012" (10 to 12-Aug-2012). Not sure if this will really happen, but if it did indeed materialize, then this would definitely be exciting news for "fans of Dan" over here in Asia.

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