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Originally Posted by Billion$Baby View Post
Well what he has on his side is his experience with all 3 GS, 160Mono, Stereo. What he has going against him is different speakers on each as well as speaker cables etc. He isn't speculating. He has no motive to lie and I know him personally so can vouch for his authenticity and honesty. I believe what he says HE hears which may not be what you or I would hear. He used the 160M with NEOLITH Speakers and not the Alexia...that's what he used the 160S on and quickly ditched it. According to him multiple ARC dealers came to the same conclusion...the Stereo version was Tweaked somehow and is an improvement..but that's all hearsay obviously
With all due respect:

Different speakers, different associated equipment. Anecdotal at best. Misleading at worst.

Actually even with the best of intentions all he is doing is speculating.

What is heard is not relevant when the test is not just flawed but a complete cluster. Does one really think that the load that the ML Neolith provides to an amplifier is remotely similar to the load of an Alexia?

Multiple ARC dealers? Really? I doubt it perhaps because I talk with many of them on a regular basis.

This is the most important part of the post "..but that's all hearsay obviously"

Obviously indeed.

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