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As an update.

The 4312's woofers have loosened up a bit. Initially i had to dial down the mid and high attenuators as they were overpowering the woofers at low to mid volume levels. Now it seems that the woofers have loosened a bit, i know the woofers will have more play in due time. The Mc275's are terrific in pushing the JBL's. I always had the mistaken notion that the tube amps were for detailed, jazzy music. I don't think so now.

I just played Hall & Oates, McHammer, Queen, dePeche, Vanilla Ice and some of my kids' Zedd music on the 4312 and Macs and they really do rock. Maybe its a placebo effect but seemingly the JBLs rock more than the Sonus Grand Pianos.

This changes my perspective, i was supposed to keep the JBL's and Grand Pianos in different areas of the house. But now I'm thinking of selling them both and getting higher model JBLs using the combined funds. Oh well we soldier on.
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