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I believe passthru is the same for the C52 & C47. See if this helps


When the C52 is part of a Home Theater or Mul*tichannel Audio System the Right and Left Front Channels from an Audio/Video Processor or Surround Decoder can “Passthru” the C52 and onto its associ*ated Power Amplifier(s). The Setup Mode allows selection of the specified C52 Input to be used for the Right and Left Front Channels. In the example below, the Right and Left Front Channels from the Audio/ Video Processsor will be connected to the BALanced 3 Input Connectors on the C52. Refer to pages 8 and 9 for additional connection information.

Note: The Phono and Digital Inputs are not assign*able as a Passthru Input.
Press and hold in the INPUT Control to enter the SETUP MODE. Refer to figure 2 on page 13.
Rotate the INPUT Control until “SETUP: Passth*ru, Off” appears on the Information Display. Refer to figure 39.

Rotate the VOLUME (ADJUST) Control to select
“BAL 3” Input. Refer to figure 40.

Figure 40
Exit the SETUP Mode by several presses of the INPUT Control
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