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Originally Posted by Zelkop View Post
Yes, after many changes I decided to keep vk43se in my system and would recommend it without hesitation. Ecellent solid state design and good ergonomics. But your other components are important as well and you didn't provide much detail.
Sorry, I guess I let my paid subscription laps, so my signature doesn't show anymore. I was at one time a BAT dealer and was pleasantly surprised by the sound of the SS pre's - given they seem to be "know for" their tube gear. My current system uses a WT Classic TT into a Parasound JC3+ phono pre, into a JC2 Pre-amp. Digital is via a Schiit Gungnir MB fed by Node 2i streaming from NAS - or internet via Qobuz. Amp is a Parasound A23+ and speakers are Revel F228Be's. I use RGPC power stabilization and analog cables are AQ, Cardas and Kimber. Digital Coax is by Twisted Pair Designs (Dfn series true 75 Ohm). My listening room is fairly small but well treated with absorption and diffusion.
BAT gear when I had it was generally used with BAT AMPS (SS and TUBE) and speakers were mostly Westlake Audio (various models). Sources were generally WT Reference table / Cardas Heart MC cartridge or BAT CD player or Marantz S series SACD player. (This was some 18 years ago or so). I've heard the updated BAT versions at shows, but haven't known the associated equipment very well. Some stellar reviews have confirmed for me that the 43SE carries on the traditional BAT sound which is rich, full and smooth yet still accurately detailed and dynamic :-)
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