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Default Aurender users can run Aurender Condutor app on M1 Macs

One of the things I like about Roon was you can run it as an app from your Macbook/Macbook Pro. Personally, I do not like using smartphones and even tablets to control my streaming content. Some folks may disagree and that's fine...I taught Voice of the Customer for product development for 10 years and key principle is that all customers' needs are equally valid.

Personally, I REALLY prefer using my Macbook Pro. And if I were to put forth a hypothesis, I'm not alone in that preference.

Anyhoo, moving to the main point...

Well, it turns out if you have an Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, or iMac with M1 can run the Aurender Conductor app from your M1 Mac!...

Just download the iPad app, for example, from the iOS app store, install it, runs!

Here's a screenshot directly from my 2021 Macbook Pro M1 Pro running the Aurender Conductor app.

Another feature I personally just discovered the other day is...if you click on the album art in the upper left corner of the app (which manages the playback Queue), you get a full size pic of the album with controls that let you start, stop and reset playback as well as the track name, and other pertinent info.

And...if you click on the small icon with three lines at bottom right, it brings up the entire album tracks, overlaid on the album art.

Now...that is cool...

Some Aurender owners already likely already know about this feature, but I just found out about it recently, and as I'm very much an "album-oriented" music-listening kinda guy, this makes the experience, for me, more Roon-like in terms of interface and overall experience.

Pretty cool...
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