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Originally Posted by FloridaBoy View Post
DRHamp, have you tried the 112a tubes yet?
I have -- a pair of RCA (Silvertone labeled) globes -112A and a matched pair of a Cunningham CX-112-1 and a Ken-Rad UX-112-A. They sound very similar and are very close to the 71As that I have tried. I used the 5U4GB that came with the pre. Earlier, I tried a Cunningham 80 with a pair of CX-301As that I liked very much and maybe my favorite set in my system.
For reference, I stream Qobuz to a Yggdrasil DAC to the LP-2030 to a A Eaton 45 SET. (I should have the KT88 SEP in a week or so). Speakers are Omega CAMs.
I've pretty much tried all of the allowed output tubes in the LP-2030 and have found them all to be just different degrees of excellent.
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