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Default Sylvania 6sl7wgt

My previous experiment with a 6sl7 was promising but ultimately didn't satisfy. I had used a 7f7, a Sylvania 6sl7 with a loctal base. This particular one would be considered a "chrome dome" because the getter flash extended down most of the length of the glass. As a whole they have a great reputation but I found it fatiguing despite the fun of the bass extension and control.

While organizing my tube stash I came across a Sylvania 6sl7wgt with a brown base. The box said it tested at 70%. Popped it in and have been listening for most of the day. I am still using the 6ar6 outputs and the RCA 5u4g. My initial impression is one of smoothness. I don't hear the fatiguing sound of the previous Sylvania 6sl7 (7f7) but I got the bass back! Woo! This is my favorite tube so far, just edging out the tall 7n7 in this position.

Earlier in the day I had found a 50s vintage Sylvania 6sn7. It is a two hole cousin of the so-called three hole "bad boy" 6sn7. At least one of the online tube gurus (Brent Jesse? Andy at Vintage Tube Services?) claims they are sonically the same. In any case I wasn't impressed. Everything seemed subdued, I actually found myself wondering if I need a more powerful amp. There was also a dullness to the system that I wasn't used to. The 6sl7wgt replied this. Wonder if my positive views of that tube are because of my negative views of this one lol.
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