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Originally Posted by Dj_AmTraX
I remember falling in love with the No33H amps, but could not afford it. Is ML still ruined by ML now that Harman is the owner? I remember trying the smaller amps and did not like it when compared to McIntosh Mc352. Your thoughts these days?
Well, I can say that I loved these amps back then. I spent some time with them & they convinced me to buy the Dali Grands. I always wanted a pair of these or their bigger brother the No33 but the $AUD back then made them simply too expensive.

These amps are at an age now where they generally require recapping & ML amps are loaded with them.

I still have the Dali Grands & they sound the best they ever have with the MC2301s, C1000C/T, MCD1100.

I heard that ML aren't what they used to be since the Madrigal days.
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