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Talking Greetings from Germany

Hello everyone!

Greetings from the Ramstein/Kaiserslautern military community. I just retired and I am trying to slowly work my way back into a decent system. I first had a klipsch system with old adcom amps when I was 19. Then I later moved on between infinity, cerwin vega, pioneer elite etc. My first entrance into anything high end came in 2001 at the age of 22 when I purchased some 600 series B&W floor standers with an integra integrated amp, kimber copper cables sold off the spool, and a Panasonic dvd a310. I can't even remember the exact model of speakers
but I damn sure remember that dvd player! That dvd player was the best cd player ever for 350 bucks! I wish I had one now! From then on Hirsch und Ille in Mannheim necame my go to place. I wanted an upgrade in 2004 and returned to Hirsch and Ille. I ended up with B&W 705's a full musical fidelity X series kit and kimber cable everything. Ended up being a nice little system after being broken in. So after I sold that system things got a bit murky, and today I have some beats head phones and musiv on my cell phone from youtube! I know! Bring on the tar and feathers!
So I was bored one day and decided to window shop a system on a private seller auction sight, and then realized I needed to hear music for the first time again. I wondered if there was a forum around for it and stumbled onto here. I've been snooping around as a none memberhere for weeks just to see what kind of people are here. Forums can be very helpful and fun, or very destructive and miserable depending on what type of people you are dealing with. So everything seems good here, and here I am. To you Canton lovers out there: I remember in a box store here in germany called Media Markt had a whole line of Canton speakers. Unfortunately I had never given them a shot, but now I will seing that canton is a very common brand here. I don't even remember them being sold in high end stores here. I only saw them in the box stores. Now I am on a search for them to see what all the noise is about. Please forgive any spelling, grammar etc. I am too lazy to proof this right now
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