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Originally Posted by Still-One View Post
Here is a reply from Meridian sent to a guy on another site.

Good afternoon Andy,

Thank you for contacting Meridian.

Ongoing changes made by Apple to MacOS have led us to decide there will be no further development of “Control Mac” for Sooloos. We do however continue to support the alternative program “Control:PC” in order to provide maintenance functionality for Sooloos systems from computers running Windows.

One of the factors which influenced us on this matter is the option for Mac users to use the alternative program “Control:PC” within PC-emulator software on their machines. Using such a set-up also provides the option of using our more advanced control interface program “Touch PC”. Although the full functionality of Touch PC is accessed with a touchscreen-equipped PC, it also works well without a touchscreen; using a mouse and a keyboard. We find that many Sooloos users have Touch PC for their day-to-day listening while reserving Control:PC for tasks relating to the maintenance and curation of their music collection.


Meridian Support Team​

My response. Forget Meridian and Windows. I'll stick with Roon and Mac.
Or dump Meridian and move on altogether. Guess I have to seek out knowledge how to convert those backed-up Meridian FLAC files (understand its unique to Meridian) to common FLAC so I can use them on "Normal" streamers. I am totally disgusted at Meridian's customer support attitude. Luckily the only thing I have today is the Core 200. Thanks Jim for the information.
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