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Default Control Mac - Mojave 10.14.1

Since my laptop upgraded to Mac OS Mojave 10.14.1, Control Mac has become unstable. In fact, there was a pop up message "warning" that the App (on both iPhone and iPad) will not work properly.

The Control Mac will not stay working for more than 5 mins (import, export or backup) where the program will just ended up being a blank. Had notified local dealer about the problem, but so far, no news that Meridian will be issuing a new update so that the Control Mac will work seamlessly again with the new Mac OS Mojave.

Anyone experiencing same issue or hear anything about an upgrade forthcoming for the Control Mac?

While Meridian has the UI experience for me, its now pushing me to change gears to wither the Aurender N10 or AS10. What's stopping me is my lack of knowledge on how to transfer my 4TB of files over to the Aurender.

Looking for some advise here, about a change/upgrade to the Control Mac software forthcoming or ..... change to an Aurender would be better?

Thanks ....
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