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Last night I was watching some DVD clips and realized something I may have reported before. I was watching Jeff Beck Rock 'n' Roll Party and began paying attention to the bass. There were times the acoustic bass didn't seem to be as prominent or full with the Black Diamonds as with the JJ High Performance Gold Pins previously, but it didn't take long to get past that and enjoy the music. I recalled that when I attend the Jazz at Lincoln Center concerts, the acoustic bass is barely audible in the mix of instruments but that doesn't detract from the music. Then I recalled the description of the JJ tubes from Tube Depot's website, quoted in post 131 of this thread, which says the JJs have a forward-sounding bass. That may be the difference here. With the switch to an electric bass, the bass is more prominent, of course, but perhaps not quite what I hear with the JJs. I think what I hear isn't more bass, but louder bass in such cases.

However, put on a basher like the bass drum of "Fanfare for the Common Man" by the Atlanta Symphony and the weight and impact of the drum seems equal to the JJs. And in all cases the BDs have a more open top, and instruments sound more "live" than with the JJs (not to say the JJs sound bad; they don't). I noticed that with the Jeff Beck DVD most definitely. And I heard Jason Rebello's piano better on "Rockin' is Our Business."

So the BDs will stay in my C2300 longer. I did have a small tweak to my thoughts last night that I might consider putting the JJs back in, but that died down after listening further. This is a different presentation, that's all, and I am learning to live with it going forward. I still have the JJs if I want to reverse course, so no rush or worries.
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