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Originally Posted by flyer View Post
I used to have the Lamm 1.2 till last year. I did some tube rolling in it as well and ended up with the Amperex bugle boy which was best in my modest opinion. My lamm liked a tube that reinforces a bit the lower end.
I have yet to get into tube rolling. I'm SO in love with what the system is doing now, I'm almost afraid to fool with it. Who knows, maybe I'll make an attempt at tube rolling in the future. What did you replace the M1.2s with? What preamp did you use with the Lamms?
Preamp: Lamm L2; Amps: Lamm M1.2 Monos; Speakers: Wilson Sashas - Gen I; DAC: Meitner MA-1; Source: Meridian Sooloos Ensemble; Power Dist: TA PowerIsolaotor 8; Power Dist: TA PowerIsolator MM; Cables: TA Ref XLMM2; Isolation: SRA Scuttle 3; Isolation: SRA VR-Series Amp IsoBases

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