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Took delivery Monday of a pair of eBay-snagged "customer-returned" but apparently unused (and of course discontinued) Paradigm Studio 20 v.5s for the home office system. They replace a pair of SE-1s that will land in the bedroom system.

Despite the obviously cramped quarters and the need for both break-in and better stands, the 20s get along extremely well with the c-j Sonographe SA250 when fed with mostly hi-rez (24/96 to DSD128 and DxD) downloads as well as some 16/44 rips. I've just ordered WW Eclipse jumpers from (who else?) Ivan to take them to the next level.

Living Room: Win 10 AMD A12 laptop/JRiver Media Center 24 audio player; TEAC UD-501 DAC; upgraded SOTA Sapphire III; Origin Live Encounter Mk3c/Ortofon 2M Black, Graham Slee Era Gold V; McIntosh MR77; Oppo BDP-83; conrad johnson Premier 17LS (6922EH); conrad-johnson MF2500; Paradigm SE-3. Wireworld Eclipse 7 (UD-501 to 17LS & 17LS-to-MF2500) and Equinox 6 ICs, Blue Jeans/Belden 5T00UP SC. PS Audio Dectet, Wireworld Electra 5/2 PCs (PR17LS, Dectet), Hubbell HBL5362 duplex outlet. GIK standard 244 and scatter-plate 244 and Monster traps.

Home Office: Win 10 PC/JRiver Media Center 24 audio player; Wireworld Starlight 7 USB cable; Uptone Audio REGEN w/ LPS-1 linear power supply; TEAC UD-501 DAC; Luminous Audio Technology Axiom Mk. II passive line stage; conrad-johnson Sonographe SA250; Paradigm SE-1. WW Eclipse 7 (Axiom II to SA250) & Equinox 6 (UD-501 to Axiom II) ICs, Blue Jeans/Belden 5T00UP speaker cable, Shunyata Hydra PLC, Wireworld Electra 5^2 power cord from PLC to UD-501; Stillpoints Ultra Minis under LPS-1 and SA-250.

Bedroom: Win 10 i7 laptop/JRiver Media Center 24 audio player; Wireworld Silver Starlight 7 USB cable to Uptone Audio ISO REGEN via USPCB A>B Adapter; Uptone Audio LPS-1.2 linear power supply with UA Belden/Oyaide star-quad DC output cable; TEAC UD-501;Luminous Audio Technology Axiom Mk. II Walker Mod passive line stage; conrad-johnson Sonographe SA250 w/Vampire input jacks and Cardas binding posts; stand-mounted Paradigm Studio 20 v.5. WW Eclipse 8 ICs; Wireworld Eclipse 8 SC; Blue Circle Thingee FX 0e PLC; upgraded-connector WW Electra 7 power cords (from wall to PLC and from PLC to UD-501); PS Audio Power Port; Stillpoints Ultra Minis under LPS 1.2 and SA250; GIK 244 and 224 traps, Alpha 4A panels, and DIY 4"-thick 12"x15" traps.
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