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Originally Posted by sandbites View Post
Thanks for the inputs but I'm feeling guilty over the purchase so I'm scrimping on the amp for know.
I'm toying with the pro Crown xls 1500 or 2000, it's really cheap compared to a used Mac and what not. I'm just having misgivings on the quality of sound I'll get at this price point.
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the price. I feel remiss for not suggesting it myself. The XLS series is fan cooled but I doubt you'll hear the fan in normal use and it is a variable speed unit so I would bet that for most applications it may never even turn on. I is a Class D (switching supply) amplifier but that brings efficiency benefits in trade. Direct coupled balanced inputs on XLRs as well.

It's appropriate as Crown is a sister company to JBL but if you were willing to spend more, the ATIs are highly regarded and well built and would probably be more akin to your Mc gear in philosophy and topology, minus many Mc features like the autoformers and glorious cosmetics.

The XLS Crowns will certainly drive the JBLs though.
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