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Originally Posted by mulveling View Post
I couldn't say as I don't have experience with either of your amps. Both look nice! It will depend on your listening habits & preferences. Based on my experience last weekend I'd suggest you also try (if arrangeable) a SS amp without output transformers (autoformers in the case of McIntosh). If I had to guess/bet I'd still pick the McIntosh of the two, since I like lots of good clean power. But if you wanted to say focus your listening on slower music with lushest possible vocals, the 50W tube amp might be preferred.
From what I understand you got the S.E. exactly like mine.
What differences did you find between Caterbury SE and Ken SE.
You advise me to switch speakers from Ken to Canterbury. Do you find that the Canterburys are difficult to manage and demanding when it comes to amplifiers?
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