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Originally Posted by MarSanz View Post
I am looking for opinions on anyone that has used an MC275 monoblock set up with SHL5s. I have been wanting more power for sometime, I have even considered the MC312 or MC462 to prepare for a speaker upgrade in the future. I am just not sure about how the change in amps will affect the overall sound.

My system make up is VPI Scoutmaster, DV XX-2, C2300, MC275 and Harbeth SHL5.

Any opinions are welcome.

Yes I am running this combination, if more power is your goal I do not recommend it. The amps you mention would be a better choice and you may just end up keeping the Harbeth, I believe that you will not feel the need to upgrade the speakers unless you have a very large room. Iím very happy with my system but I donít play at very high levels and I also run dual subwoofers.
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