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Originally Posted by rnrmf1971 View Post
Tough question; I think I've read that the Ruby is much of the SA10 but without the balanced circuitry.
Although I had (still have) my SA10 and Esoteric K-01x at different times and in different systems, I might suggest that the Marantz offers as good or better performance versus similar costing Esoteric units. There are too many variables to be sure about that and I've never heard the Esoteric players in that range, let alone their recently updated players, though. They're both undoubtedly quality components, as far as I'm concerned.
But given that you like the Ruby, ask yourself if you could be happy with it. If it ticks all the boxes for you, it would seem like a good value. Otherwise, seek out the SA10 or an Esoteric player to see how they move you.
Thanks! I'm going to try the Esoteric 05xs next week...
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