Thread: Ariel 6T vs 7T
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I've heard both the 6T and 7T on different occasions at a dealer earlier this year. From what I remember, the bass on the 7T reached lower (obviously) and was a little more full. The 6T still had surprisingly good bass response, and seemed to better convey the emotion of the music a little more. I wonder if that's due to its imaging and/or the smaller midrange driver and higher crossover point to the tweeter (3 kHz on 7T vs. 4 kHz on 6T).

Another contact at a different dealer compared both and said that the smaller drivers in the 6T are quicker and more articulate than the 7T. And that the 6T is very punchy.

Wondering if anyone else has direct experience comparing the Aerial Acoustics 6T to 7T?
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