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Originally Posted by crwilli View Post
Good point that ‘sounds great’ and ‘technically correct’ not necessarily being the same thing.

On the last point, I have in fact, closed the ports on my Strads as I use the F113v2 below 90 HZ and don’t need another wave front below that frequency to smear the timing. His reasoning on that makes a lot of sense & sounds great! Go figure.

I also cross my cr-1 at 90hz and closed the huge ports on my IB2s and it sounded much cleaner. It is correct that it changes the speaker design but since my ib2s don’t have to reach so low I think the juice is worth the squeeze.

Not directly related but I heard a rattling and thought my subs were shaking pictures on the walls. Finally figured out that the backs of my IB2s had come loose over time. Tightened some screws and all better! So don’t be so quick to blame your subs if you hear a rattle!
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