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Default Sony XBR77A9G

Just bought this TV. I will get it calibrated later but in the meantime I am wondering if anyone has one and what settings you are using or recommend.

Home Theatre:
Amp/Pre-amp: McIntosh MX122, MC 8207; Speakers: Revel M22 Main, C30 Center, SVS SB16 Ultra; Video: Sony XBR77A9G, Panasonic UB9000, Apple TV; Wires: Nordost Blue Heaven Speaker, Purple Flare interconnects, Wireworld Silver Electra 5.2 and 7 PC; Furman Elite 15 PFi

Sonís Room:
Amp/Pre-amp: Bryston 4B ST, BP25; Speakers: B&W 804; Audio: Sony C333ES SACD, Marantz tuner; Wire: Monster 2.4s bi-wire, Monster M1000 interconnects

Retired Equipment:
Amp/Pre-amp: McIntosh MX121, McIntosh C24, Apt/Holman pre, EAD Encore, Sunfire TGIII, Dynaco ST-120 (self-built kit), Phase Linear 400, Threshold Forte FT1 5 channel, Perreaux 1150; Speakers: Fried C3 satellite/sub combo, Bose 901, Velodyne F-1200; Velodyne DD12, Audio: Nakamichi 700 (cassette deck), Aiwa LP-3000 linear tracking turntable, Rabco SL8E linear tracking tonearm, Cambridge Audio Azur 640H Music Server, CD Meridian 508.24
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