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Default Best of Class vs. Uniformity

Over the last few months, I've made a serious investment in the power conditioning/delivery aspect of my audio system. This has included the purchase of a number of Shunyata Venom HC and 14 power cords, a Denali 6000/S conditioner and even one Venom Defender (so far). Pleased with my discerned sonic improvement in my system, I then purchased my first Shunyata interconnect -- one of their HDMI cables and am again very happy with the result. Generally, I have always done as much research as practicable for me before purchasing a component -- even a cable. In this way, for example, I recently decided to use WireWorld's CAT 8 Ethernet cables, and a few years ago I opted for a MIT phono cable.

My assumption is that no one cable supplier is capable of offering the best performance (at a comparable price) for every application. However, particularly in Europe, a growing number of audio equipment manufacturers do offer complete audio systems, including the cabling, and no one can argue with the resultant quality of those systems.

This has caused me to wonder: is there any benefit to be gained by having an audio system essentially "wired" by the cables of just one manufacturer?
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