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I had the LCD-X for a short time.
Did it need an amp? Sort of, but I'm sure they can be driven from most devices.
I tell you what won't work well, ipod or iphone. You'll ok sound from a portable device, but you'll still be disappointed. These may be easy to drive, but not so easy that you can drive it from your iphone.

A low powered headphone amp will power LCD-X fine, but a notoriously hard to drive headphone can not. Susvara is considered hard to drive, and alleged that most headphone amps can not drive them well at all.

I returned the LCD-X due to a defect. I still liked them when I returned them, but I was bummed over the defect and they weren't as easy to power from a portable device. I didn't want to invest in amps at the time. It would probably be ok on a TOTL DAP though. I'm considering LCD-4Z, but I just got some 64 audio A18T on sale recently.
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