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Originally Posted by Mechnutt View Post
Can you give me some idea on what the difference in sound is between a 51se and a 32se/33se are?

Do you know if the Jensen caps in my 51se need more time to break in?

One last question, I replaced all 12 six pack caps but I did not replace the other 4 Jensen caps. Things seem to be working fine. However, I was thinking about replacing the other 4. What's your opinion on this?

Thanks for your help and for making such great gear,

The 51SE has very strong and well balanced voice, to better it you would need to go to the transformer coupled model, like the 33SE, that one has a bit more air, without losing any weight.

I don't think the capacitors need much breaking in period, but then I am not a great believer in breaking in in general, I am all for just using the equipment.

I would not worry about replacing the other 4 caps, they do not suffer from the electrical leakage, like the SIX-PAK caps do.


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