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Up to now they haven't really. Sure many models have been great in the mid range, and in some cases have been deeply enjoyable, but their first foray in to BA's back in the day just gave treble, and you tended to get sweet fulsome bass and treble in the good one's, but the mid's tended to be left at the door. Which mean't classical music tended to take a tumble, but not jazz etc. The Sony chiefs said 'Let's rule the low/mid range with our rich clear SS' and for me they succeeded in some cases. Then the N3 came along and brought the mid's to the party, and it rivaled the Senn for the first time. They put the work in with their home grown BA's, and while many people enjoyed their first multi BA efforts some 6-8 years ago they were again trying to rule the waves in the mid range. The M7 and M9 have received great praise in their segments and their work seem's to be paying off. Mind you I wouldn't call a $1400 iem mid range, and perhaps we can say the 800 M7 is peaking it's snozzle over the parapet in it's small way. I can say with some assurance that the ZX1 is their first foray in to genuine high end IEM's.
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