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Default Sony attempt the high end and more with IEM's.

What a wind vane I am, but I've brought me portable rig out of hibernation, just in time to hear about the three new iem's from Sony; the ier M7 ( $800) M9 ($ 1450) and the ier ZX1 at 2000.

The M7 get's rave reviews in it's price segment and uses three BA drivers which didn't sound promising on the surface, the M9 offers 4, and more roast beef and potatoes, and the ZX1 is proposed to match all comers. I have renewed SQ pleasure with my N3 iem's, and am in no real mood to upgrade, but the M7 intrigues all the same. They also have a new headphone which offers trickle down tech from the ZX1 at a keen price but that is of less interest.
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