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Originally Posted by Audiophilehi View Post
Dan...congratulations on elevating the performance of your living room system. It still amazes me that no matter what the component it may be, adding vibration control, power cords, cables etc can further improve the performance. It starts to become a necessity.

When deciding on a budget for any component you have to now bump it up to include vibration control, aftermarket power cords, cables...etc. Gone are the days from the 1960’s/70’s where I just purchased a component and maybe received some free cables and then just plugged it in.

It’s great that we have so many choices!
Paul.......Thank you, and you are certainly correct as far as I'm concerned. I remember when I purchased 20 feet of Ray Kimber's original Kimber Kable, the black and brown wire version. I purchased it directly from Ray in 1981 after he did an in-store demo against early Monster cable. $20.00 for 20 feet. What a bargain by today's standards. If only those prices remained. At any rate, when I got home and replaced my 16 gauge zip wire to my JBL's with the Kimber Kable I was impressed. In particular, bass seemed stronger, and the upper midrange cleaner. That was my initial indoctrination into the world of "wire matters". Like you said, today a sound system isn't complete until several external forces are address, cables, power conditioning, and isolation. Certainly there are many bogus claims and products designed to fleece the audio community, but equally so there are plenty of substantial products that absolutely raise the performance bar. There's one thing to watch out for. As much fun as this obsessive hobby brings us, it can be a serious burden on one's discretionary income if allowed to run rampant. It has left an echo in my bank account more than once.

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