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Originally Posted by bodiezaffa View Post
I've settled on 3 for my system, 1 centered behind my speakers and one beside each speaker.
Nothing, and i mean nothing has made a greater leap forward sonically than these panels.
For $2400, I got $25,000 worth of value.
Good job Mark, big gains for smaller outlay!

These testamonials truly speak to the importance of acoustics; typically they have a greater sonic impact than a new DAC or cables, preamp or cartridge. If you have not given your room its due, you don't know yet the capabilities of what you have, and, you won't get there if just keep buying new electronics.

And here's another 'secret': the same holds true for vibration abatement. Consider platforms that are colorless, that allow the native characters of your components to speak for themselves, rather than trying to tune or adjust their sound to something they're not.
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