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Originally Posted by bodiezaffa View Post
Hi Tima.

I just took delivery of ONE apeture panel a few days ago and noticed a big difference, especially in bass control.
Im thinking of getting either 1 or 2 more.
I dont expect the improvements to double with each panel added but considering you have 6, I wanted to get your opinion as you experimented.

Beautiful set up BTW.
Hi Mark


I started with 6 (on loan) for experimentation and I tried all sorts of placement and combinations. It's been a few years and I don't remember the effects from each combination. However I can share my opinion - every room is different - in general:

I think the bare minimum is two, located one each somewhere behind each speaker or alternatively, two vertically in the middle. I can't say whether the impact is doubled or not, but it is definitely significant - it was easy to hear the improvement with each Aperture I added.

More are better, up to a point. It certainly is possible to over-damp.

Two - as above.
Three - one behind each speaker and one in the middle -or- one in the middle and one at each sidewall first reflection point.
Four - one behind each speaker and one on each side wall at the first reflection point.
Five - same as Four + one in the middle between speakers.
Six - same as Five + one behind the listening position.

When I say "behind each speaker" that means within, say, a one-and-a-half foot spread to either side. Here's where experimenting helps. Same for height - you'll definitely want to experiment. The 3M Command Strips help for experimenting; I actually bought a few extra along the way. It took me a long time to commit to hanging them on the wall with the included Z-hangers. And I admit that, to some minor extent, aesthetics was a factor - I wanted a nice even arrangement.

Depending on your room and speakers it may be that 2 each on the side walls at first reflection will help. That was not the case for me.

I currently have 11. As shown is picture above, 6 behind speakers, 1 on each sidewall. Not shown are the 3 spread evenly across the back wall. Those back 3 have less impact than those in front, but they do help pull the soundstage a bit more into the room - that is, more depth. You can kinda see them in the picture under my profile.

Probably more than you wanted to know! It was fun trying different positions, but I took my time across a couple months and took notes. They are easy to move around.

Imo, the overall results are not small. The Apertures transformed my room and my listening experience - I would not give them up.

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