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Originally Posted by Audiophilehi View Post
So Iíve been experimenting with the 2 Apertures II that I have. My new listening room is itís beginning stages so Iím still finding the best place for my speakers and subwoofers.

I started with the Apertures at the 1st reflection points on both sidewalls and listened for a few days. As much as I enjoyed the placement something just wasnít right. As I stated above the room is new and it could be anything at this point thatís not right.

So after the few days I placed 1 dead center on the back wall and 1 dead center on the front wall behind the speakers. Now we are cooking with gas, what a huge improvement. Much more focused and layered. I donít even want to move them, but after a few days I will try something else.

In the mean time I just ordered 2 more Apertures from our fearless leader Ivan.
There you have it! The one on the back wall should pull the sound stage a bit further toward the listener - or that's my experience. With four, you'll have several combinations to try. Experimenting with Apertures is fun to do.
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