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Originally Posted by wpascoe View Post
I do. I flew to the Legacy Audio plant in Springfield, IL in June to demo the Aeris and the Whisper XD, both of which now come off the line with the new Air Motion Tweeter. I surprised myself -- I was anticipating that I'd choose the Aeris (which had a wonderful sound). I ultimately chose the Whisper XD for two reasons: I think it's got a better bottom end (tighter, deeper, more slam) and it's got a wider sweet spot.

I've been quite happy with my purchase. They're magical.

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I also have the Whisper XD speaker with the older tweeter configuration. I have heard the new AMT at shows, and that is not the ideal place to determine if there are major positive differences, I'm curious to know the differences between the older tweeter configuration, and the AMT.

I also agree when set up properly the Whispers have a very wide sweet spot, and are more room independent than other speakers I've used.

I'm currently debating if I should consider a pair with the new AMT tweeter, or if I should consider adding a pair of subwoofers.

Glad to hear you also are enjoying you Whisper XD's. What finish do your Whisper's have?
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