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Originally Posted by ckunstadt View Post
I've had some pretty big ups and downs running my LS100 in. I have not been very patient, though, and have tried about 8 pairs of driver tubes.
At this moment, I'm really liking the Ken Rads with my Mullard CV593 rectifier (mentioned above). I would encourage anyone with this preamp to try the CV593. They can be found on Ebay for around $100. Pretty typical price for a nice rectifier. It strikes a very wide soundstage and is a bit fuller in the bass. I think it gives up some punch to the Metal base GZ34 but that's about it.
Anyway, this weekend, I rolled-in my TSBGRPs and was pretty unimpressed. These are my favorite drivers in my Woo Audio WA22 by a long way. Weird.
Originally Posted by ckunstadt View Post
Oh and the CV593 fits in the LS100 case.
Thanks for the feedback on the rectifier tubes. I will keep my eyes open for a Mullard CV593.

Has the sound smoothed out as the unit has been breaking in?
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