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I use the FPB 750mcx and love them. They are a great match with the Krell Phantom.

A few things among those that improved their sound: SRA VR 3.0 custom platforms for the FPB750mcx pair, SRA Scuttle 3 rack for the Phantom (and turntable), three dedicated 220V 20amp lines (one for each 750mcx and on for the Phantom, high quality Siemens Sitor fuses in the power distribution system box for the apartment. Of course, interconneconnects, power cable (for the Phantom), speaker cables, fuses, etc all make a big difference too.

I never heard any EVO in my system, so I don't want to be unfair. I have been told by dealers that the only EVO that is a bit better than the FPB 750mcx is the EVO 900e, not even the EVO 900 is better. Again, I did not hear the 900e in my system either.

I have several priorities for upgrades in my system, but the Phantom/FPB750mcx are not in the upgrade list.


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