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Originally Posted by TOGA View Post
Q7 have different tweeter, treble more refined than Q3 , everything else is much better, like bass, slam, staging, output.
But yes, at a price. Haven t heard Q5 for years, cannot give comment for that. But if I can turn back the clock, I will still
Upgrade from Q3 to Q7, no change of mind.
you made the right move. Before ordering a pair of Magico Ultimate, I owned a pair of evolution acoustics MM3. When I decided to change them, I listened extensively to Q3, Q5 and Q7, with different amps and sources. Yes, the Q3 or Q5 are excellent speakers, that I would choose anytime against my MM3 or any speakers from Wilson or Sonus Faber for example. But the Q7 is in a class of its own, it does everything that the other Q do, but is doing everything 300% better. I would say that the difference between Q5 and Q7 is MUCH larger than between Q3 and Q5. Easiness to drive, bass slam, sense of ease, extremely low noise level, lower distortion, higher transparency, the Q7 is way better than any other speakers I have heard from any brands, except for the Magico Ultimate. I would say that the Q7 is just in a different league compared to any speakers I have heard below 300k (and I spent 2 years listening to most super high end speakers, from Rockport to Nola, TAD, Wilson, Gyia,S Faber, KEF, Lansche, Focal, Hansen, Estelon...). Put the Q7 in the same room as a pair of XLF and you are up for a good laugh!

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