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Originally Posted by bigblue View Post
Tima, I am about to dig deeper into acoustic treatment of my room. Could you elaborate on the placement of the panels behind the tweeters. Aren't the sound projected forward (away from the panels) at higher frequencies? Why are they more effective there than lets say on the side walls (1:st reflection) or in the center between the speakers, dealing with the reflection coming from the wall behind the listener? I am not questioning your findings. Just trying to understand how and why it works at the mentioned places. Have you any info with regards to the freq range they address?
I found them most effective in the center of the rear wall behind the speakers and also directly behind my listening seat - though my listening position is only 4' from the rear wall so this may or may not be the most helpful in your room. First reflections were not the best place for them in my experience, but that will be very room dependent.
Bruce Jacobs from Still Points told me to put them on rear wall in the center as a starting point and that they are most effective there for whatever reason. Highly recommended in my opinion. Money well spent. They are also really well made and nice looking - in my view.
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