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Originally Posted by GreginNH1 View Post
Hi Chewie - the M-900u was king for sure. More bass, more control and more defined and holographic soundstage. Iím sure the C-900 preamp had something to do with it. I have not heard the 700s in mono configuration.

My guess is that if you got the C-700u, you might think in the future ďwhat am I missingĒ?

I know from my viewpoint, if I was starting over Iíd bite the bullet and go for the M-900u. Itís a really, really great amp. Not sure what it sells for across the pond but here in the US, with a $15,000 list price, Iím not much of anything else comes close.

Best of luck with your quest. The search is part of the fun!
Thanks Greg, its that "defined and holographic soundstage" that I'm worried about missing out on!

So did you hear the M-900U with the C-900U, and the M-700U with the C-700U, or both amps on the C-900U? Just trying to figure out the contribution of the possible pre-amp difference, though to be fair I think my heart is already set on the M-900U the more I hear and read about it.

I'd be looking to get just the amp initially, and hold onto my Levinson Pre (326S) for the time being, as I love what it does with my Revel Salon 2's.

In terms of price in one of those rare instances where its cheaper in the UK with £11,000 UK list - usually the UK price is £1:$1. Even in Europe it seems to be more expensive at EUR 14,999.
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