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Originally Posted by crwilli View Post
The McIntosh MEN220 aka Audio ‘Swiss army’ knife is a highly versatile crossover, Room Correction equalizer and custom EQ.

I don’t know what speakers you have but you likely not be missing the very lowest octaves if your speakers go that low. The length of your room will easily generate standing waves at the lowest octaves. In my case, I needed to significantly reduce the output of my Betas woofer columns, play with their individual positions and adjust the Betas own crossover.

With the Strads, I had plenty of bass also but found adding the sub and moving it around allowed me to balance out some bumps at the lowest octaves.
I have SF Amati Futura speakers. They replaced a pair of Focal Sopra 2. IMO, the SF bested the Focals in sound stage, voice and details but the Focal's kicked ass in bass.

Im concerned about the standing bass waves. I agree with your assessment.
Interesting how playing with sub placement balanced out the room. Where did the sub end up in the room?
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