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Originally Posted by crwilli View Post
My first dedicated room had similar dimensions in width and height (basement eh?). My length was just under 20í.

I ultimately had it sounding pretty good but it needed a combination of 6 GIK 244 Panels and some Vicoustic panels to sound itís best.

You will have a serious bass bump in the 26-30HZ range due to the length of your room - no matter what length you finalize on. I cured that first with an MEN220 and speaker placement when I had my IRS Betas, Then by strategic placement of speakers and a subwoofer when I got my Strads.

As long as it is a dedicated room and you have carte blanche on listening and speaker positions, you will get it to sound great!

I like the Vicoustic Waveguide panels. They are much more aesthetically pleasing than big GIK 244 panels... No experience with Soundproof Cow.

Watch for used Stillpoint Aperture panels. They bring significant benefits in a small package.
A couple of questions:
What is a MEN220

Ive been thinking of adding a pair of subs to get the added bass extension just not possible with the speakers alone. Would this be a mistake based on your comments of bass bump?

Did you put any special padding on the floor. Was yours concrete?

2 thumbs upon the apeture panels. I have 3 of them and think they do an amazing job.
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