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Originally Posted by STC View Post
I flew from Singapore to Hong Kong specially just for the WAMM demostration.
It is very difficult to get good performance from the far from ideal demo room condition. I was not impressed when I attended the first session (as the sitting position was no good).
The following day, I attended the second session (with the sitting position advised by WA) and it was much better and I enjoyed it.

Having said that, I left the place and I was fully convinced that I did not hear the full potential of WAMM as it is still not “as good as” my XLF speaker, which is 1/3 the price of WAMM

However, I was very honored that Peter played specially for me (before he started the formal demo to the group) Mahler Symphony No.5 recorded by him.
Thank you Peter for your kind gesture!

Wow that must have been a great experience. Okay now regarding the statement that the WAMM didn't sound "as good" as your XLF. Isn't that obvious? How many times have we said that at a demo in a large room? Place your XLF's in that room and what would the outcome be then? Better yet have the WAMM in your system and then tell us your impression?
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