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Originally Posted by Still-One View Post
As I stated it might be an impressive demo but a better set-up could/should be obtained in a large but not a ballroom sized venue. That set-up might be good for large crowds but I believe dialing them in for a smaller sweet spot would work best. I wonder if Bill P. might chime in on what they best sized (as well as treated) room might be.
Jim, you make a good point as does Serge. But whatever the room, you play the hand you are dealt.

As for the WAMM, the set up is done for a chosen listening spot. We do not expand that based on the size of the room. The more precise we are in the alignment of that spot, the better it will be outside that spot.

That room in Hong Kong was huge. Further, some of its aspects limited the areas within which we had to work. Still Peter started the demo with Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Summer, I. Allegro non molto (BIS CD-275) to demonstrate the ability to be intimate as well as to scale to a very large size. It was breathtaking, especially with Master Subsonics engaged.

The WAMM has an uncanny ability to portray the image in front of you based on your seating position. When you are off center, it is as if you are sitting stage left or right in a hall. It most decidedly is not like moving in front of one speaker or the other as you would expect with a normal stereo system.

With all that said, we could have tried to scale smaller, but why? The WAMM is scary in its ability to show honest scale. Besides had we done that, I'm sure the young man who ordered one based on Enter Sandman would not have been as impressed with those self induced limitations.

Hope this helps.

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