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Originally Posted by metaphacts View Post
Jim I must say that I am somewhat confused by your comment. What is it about the picture that convinces you this just couldn't work? You can't tell virtually anything about the room from the picture. In fact, the issues that we were able to tame are not at all visible in the picture.

For the record, I have now been involved with the set up of more WAMMs than anyone. That is to say I have heard them in more rooms than anyone. It's very easy to understand what the room is doing in all of them. Is this one perfect? No. Is is good enough to give a view of the WAMM on a level similar to what is accomplished in the Wilson Music Room? Absolutely!
You did not understand my comments. I understand it was a demo. I understand and stated they probably sounded impressive. But I doubt any of the WAMM's you have set up for the fortunate few were placed in homes with rooms half the size of a basketball court? Are you saying Wilson's WAMM's customers want their rooms set up with a sweet spot 6-8 or10 chairs wide?

I guess I misunderstood how WAMM's were going to be shown and sold.

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