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Originally Posted by dtaudio View Post
The speakers are 7'7" apart, measured from the driver centers. Baffle to rear wall is 3'2" and driver center to side wall is 3'1/2". Toe-in angle, as I measure it, is 20 degrees (that is, the front plane of the speaker is angled in 20 degrees from a line drawn parallel to the sidewall). I should have mentioned earlier that the room is a rectangle so that it was easy to make the speaker placement symmetrical. Also, after experimenting with various positions, the placement of the 800D3s ending up being very similar to the positioning I had for the 802s.

A bit of the backstory - I approached to purchase of the 800D3s with some hesitation after reading about the experiences of others with these speakers. My room is modestly sized and I too was concerned with them being "too much" speaker for the room. I auditioned them several times at my dealer in a room that has approximately the same dimensions as mine (but without the degree of acoustic treatment) and using the same electronics, cabling etc. In that setting, I found some of the characteristics in the bass response that others have noted. Nonetheless, I took the plunge and ordered a pair. Upon the very first listen in my room, it was immediately apparent that those issues were gone and that they were going to sound terrific. As the break-in progressed, they just improved. My conclusion is that the acoustic treatment that Chris designed for me has created a room that interacts very well with 800D3s. I couldn't be happier.
Very interesting.

Despite bass traps, it was insufficient for me. Maybe other things come to play here. I need to see pictures of your treatments. I also need to know if you are on the 2nd floor, if the walls flex or are sheetrock.

Interesting how you ended up without bass issues at near the same spot as the 802D3, I did not have such luck.

Did the 800d3 sound good in my space? Yes.

But it did not sound as good as I knew it could so I returned them.
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