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Originally Posted by Beatlebum View Post
How would you describe the ProAcs sound with the Inspire amp? What do you like about the pairing?
Sorry I missed this one too! The ProAc's are known for their midrange and they just sing with the Inspire driving them. For a small speaker they have a good lower end, although I augment them with a HSU subwoofer. Although not very efficient (rated at 86dB/W/m) they are very tube friendly and are loud enough for me in my small room in a near field setup. Dennis recommended I try KT77's with them. When I described to Dennis my room and current setup when purchasing the Inspire he wrote me "Glenn you have my all time fav loudspeaker!!!! The ProAc Response 1SC. I designed the CAD-300SEI along with the 300SE's, 805's and more with the Response as the reference."

Of course YMMV
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