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Default Can't wait to get home

Acoustic panels have arrived!, now the installation then hopefully the joy.

C1100, D1100, MC 2301 x 2, Rel G2 subs x 2, VPI Super ScoutMaster II, Lyra Kleos, BAT VK-P12SE phono stage w/ super pack, Sonus Faber Stradivari, Aurender N10, NORDOST Oden 1 speaker wire, NORDOST - Tyr 2 Interconnects, NORDOST - Fry 2 PC, NORDOST - Tyr 2 Digital Cable, SRA Scuttle 4 ISO Rack, Adona Zero GX1 Reference Series Amp Stands, GIK soft bass traps, GIK 244 Bass traps, GIK Q7D Diffusor, KLAudio RCM , 2 dedicated circuits 20 amp, Furutech GTX-d NFC receptacles, 105-d Damper outlet covers, GTX Wall Plates

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