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I know this is an ancient thread, but I have to share today's Acoustic Sounds story. I just got off a 30-minute call with Chad (Kassem). He called me out of the blue to apologize for the snafu where many of us that had ordered the new issue of Santana Abraxas (Mofi One-Step Vinyl) were shorted because Mofi screwed up and didn't honor the AS order, even after Chad offered to pay retail to fulfill the orders.

As I said, we spoke for 30 minutes about music history, albums he was recommending based on my taste in music, how things have changed for him over the years with the advent of internet sales, etc. He's a great guy that obviously loves to get acquainted with his customers. This says a lot about Chad and Acoustic Sounds and just confirms that I will continue to buy QRP records for years to come.

Now, back to spinning records!
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