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Originally Posted by bILLwOJO View Post
Wow, those things really eat tubes. They should have had a way to lower the filament voltage down to 6.1V or so. The old Dynaco preamps came with Telefunken tubes from the factory. Yea, I know, not in the same league as A CJ preamp but they ran the filaments a little low and most of these can be found with the original tube compliment still in them. Heck, when I found my crusty MC40 monoblocks they still had most of the original tubes.
CJ should come up with a solution and fix all of these at no charge. A lot of coin for a flawed design.

Certainly not a flawed design. One of the best sounding preamps ever made and still is.
The trouble is current 6922 production is shite unfortunately.

I have had my Telefunken tubes for over two years and no further problems and it sounds like a dream.
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