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Originally Posted by plurn View Post
From your earlier post, was there any reason you chose to raise this question quoting my post specifically, as opposed to any of the other posts from other people talking about old tubes? From your earlier post it kind of sounded like you found something about the situation I presented that made you think "aha - those might be counterfeit". If that is the case, what was it about my situation that made you think that at the time? I expect I have since allayed your fears about this for my purchases, since I provided more information on the integrity of the supplier in my last post.

Or do you think all claimed "new old stock" tubes from all suppliers are counterfeit (or used)? From your last post, it is not clear but it kind of sounds like that is what you might be getting at when you say "the term NOS at this point strikes me as total joke. Like Phillips and Telefunken did not see the transistor age coming, and kept producing warehouses full of old tubes that audiophiles are now paying a fortune for? Give me a break."

Although I responded to your post, I was speaking generally. Also, if you paid a fair price, and the tubes sound great, who cares? I certainly don't think "all" of the NOS tubes are counterfeits or knock-offs, 95% would be more like it. However, if someone who retired from Phillips or Telefunken in 1964 posted that his retirement party was held in a warehouse filled with millions of obsolete tubes, I would lower my estimate to 80%. Have at me NOS valve distributors...
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