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Originally Posted by brad1138 View Post
Mark Levinson No. 532H.

The problem was the tubes. Replaced all 6 and "tube noise" is next to zero. It sounds very nice now.

*** On a side note, the forum rules say you need 10 posts to be able to create new threads. I have 12 post and I still can't. I can not even message the Mod to ask about it. The only thing I can do is reply like this...
Can someone message a mod for me?

Excellent. I was using an amp with single ended inputs when I first acquired my VK-3i and it was noisy. It wasnít long before I found a VK-200. The balanced connection made all the difference. What tubes did you end up with? I am using Tungsram 6922ís. They are very nice and donít break the bank.
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