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I pretty much narrowed it to the C48 and JC-2. Since I have a turntable I'd need a phonostage with the JC-2. I'm using an Aragon 47k now, which I could keep; or if money served, go for the JC-3, effectively raising the cost of the Parasound overall.

The C48, of course, has a built-in phonostage which is supposedly pretty good. As for the C48's USB issues, they'd not be that much of a deal since I'd be looking at it as a preamp (I have no plans to go digital).

Despite what I said about having no plans to upgrade at the moment, I'm deeply curious about both units and will keep an eye on both. The C48 would be a visual match for my other Mac gear, but the JC-2 has a strong rep as an outstanding performer with many accolades. Being a "semi-" audiophile, as I call myself, practical and other concerns will be a big factor in what I do if the time comes, not only sound.

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